The passion and expert knowledge of the instructor was exceptional, the knowledge on the subject that the instructor has was fantastic. The learning environment and classroom was good, all tools were up to date with the current standards required in this field of training. The practical part of the training was exceptional, the amount in such a course gives me the confidence to work in this field immediately

Andrew Auckland (Army)

"I wanted a course to give me the confidence to try a new trade, the knowledge and passion of the tutor inspired me to do so, and after 15 days I am amazed at my knowledge and the skill level I've attained"

Anthony Ogden

Met my objectives 100% each day the instructor related the learning process to our future requirements, the instructor is clearly an expert in his field and very keen to pass on his knowledge. The course was very good in all aspects, full use of materials and consumables were not limited, extensive range of equipment and facilities were good.

Gary Cowan (Army) ASME IX

The course fully met my requirements, I can apply all processes taught, the tutor was FANTASTIC! engaging in every aspect of the course, the course was delivered in logical stages with tuition/guidance/handouts/instruction throughout. The facility is "awesome", everything I needed, the tutor was kind and welcoming with the facilities, I would definitely recommend this training course.

John Elms ( Army) ASME IX

Really enjoyed the course, met all expectations. Instructor went at a good pace to match my knowledge of the subject, overall a very good week.

Mike Paul G3 Systems

A very well delivered course providing all the essentials in a calm and enjoyable environment. Instructors knowledge is incredible and delivery of the course was very professional.

Darren Ross G3 Systems

Very impressed with the course, more than I expected

Phillip Baker 15 Days

Very good instruction, gave us a very good working knowledge of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning.

Richard Harradine 15 Days

Fantastic course, learnt more than expected feel really confident about going out and tackling jobs on my own now. I would highly recommend HAL Training.

Daniel Norton (F Gas)

Exciting times Workshop going down really well with candidates!!

New Dedicated Workshop

The course was excellent in the way of understanding the different components of refrigeration/air-conditioning, how the refrigeration system works and the different ways of finding faults / measuring temperatures / pressures. The way the information was delivered was done at a good pace, making it easy to understand and take in. Doing the practical side of the course gave you a hands on approach making understanding of the tasks you learnt in theory easy to do.

Adam Burnett (Commercial Engineer)

The course tutor explains all components of the course thoroughly. It gave me an understanding of types of refrigerant and air conditioning of which i might encounter at my work. I enjoyed all aspects of this course and look forward to coming back for further courses in the future.

Steve Ashforth (Commercial Engineer)

An enjoyable and worth while course, the instructor has extensive knowledge of the subject which is a great asset in the way it is taught. Only a small class number which aided instruction as the instructor was always available to assist or answer questions during the practical aspects, I would recommend HAL to everyone.

Wayne Gravil (Navy) Refrigeration 15 Days

Big thank you to HAL Training, I will recommend the centre to my company + all in the trade, keep up the excellent standards.

Andy Lyons (Mitie)

I found the course very satisfactory overall, the extensive knowledge i have gained through the instructor is second to none, he is clearly an expert in his field. The HAL team were very pleasant and helpful and easy to get along with,refreshments and lunch are a very welcome addition to the service, we hope to use HAL Again.

Shaun Quigley Senior Engineer 10 Day Refrigeration (Air Power Products)

The Tutor was very patient with me when I had difficulty in grasping the detail, I now have a good understanding of the systems, and will be able to take this back to my company, a very good two weeks.

David Porter 10 Day Refrigeration (Air Power Products)

Workshop, would benefit from designated larger space ( New Workshop now in use). The staff at the centre are welcoming, friendly and very professional they are all a credit to the company, the course tutor is very knowledgeable and the lengths he went to help me when I struggled with some of the theory work was fantastic and very much appreciated. Overall, a great course and experience!

Christopher Jefferson ( Landels Electrical LLP) Refrigeration 10 Days

The workshop is slightly cramped, would have been nice to have a outside shelter area for smokers and whilst working on the outside units, the atmosphere of the training centre and the staff is very positive and friendly which makes it easier to study. Overall the best course I have ever done!

Michael savage (Army)

Outstanding course (15 Day Refrigeration and Air Conditioning), delivered by an instructor who is clearly on top of his game. The right balance of theory and practical with well designed training exercises, Well worth it!

Keith Mc Guinness ( Royal Navy)

Spot on! I didn't have a clue before I started the course but learned loads whilst on the course. It was adapted to suit my circumstance and the training went above and beyond what was offered, Highly Recommended!

James Lee (ARMY) ASME IX

Depth of knowledge and experience of the instructor in the field was a big advantage in understanding and learning the course content, specifically how to determine superheat + sub cooling and understanding real life experiences, how to trouble shoot, solve and rectify problems or defects within the trade I highly recommend this course, down to earth instructor and has been a pleasure to be part of the 3 week course.

Paul Lock (Royal Navy)

Being a member of HM Forces, with a mechanical engineering background. I opted to take redundancy and start out as a Refrigeration Engineer, HAL training provided a 15 Day course. The training was very concise and informative from day one, Our instructor had a wealth of experience sharing his knowledge and making the theory side easy to understand. There was plenty of time to put the theory into practice on a range of training rigs. During the course the instructor ensured the training reflected reality, giving us real life scenarios to train in, this being an important factor as eventually we would step out into the industry expected to achieve results. Overall I found the course of excellent standard, starting with very limited knowledge ending with good practical skills that I could confidently use when the time comes to effectively commission a unit of any size. I thank the team at HAL for a very friendly atmosphere and the instructor for providing the training and skills I have gained. This course is a must for those wishing to gain the practical knowledge in the refrigeration industry.

Dave Salisbury (Army)

The instruction given was ideally placed in that the instructor was able to put the theory given into practical terms by way of his experiences in the outside world.

Roy Burdon (Royal Navy)

Really enjoyed the course learnt lots the instructor is very good at relating things to parts of the industry you come from, down to earth as are the other staff also, you are not only shown the relavant knowledge to pass the tests but learnt many things about the Job.

Joe Ellis (Assembled Projects)

The course was very well instructed and was given at the right pace, making sure everyone understood what we were learning, I would recommend to any engineer leaving the armed forces.

Scott Bibby (Royal Navy)

Very enjoyable course, improved my understanding of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning greatly, I can now work confidently on A/C Systems.

James Dagg (Caswell Engineering Services Ltd)

Good standard of training, the instructor has great knowledge and experience and was always willing to pass on all the tips and techniques, working on the rigs was a great benefit although space was cramped, overall a great course to attend and would recommend to anyone.

Kevin Mulhall (Royal Navy)

The information was presented and explained in layman's terms where required, there was a relaxed atmosphere which far exceeded my expectations for the learning process. The instructors methods of teaching left me fully confident of my ability and new skill, I will recommend this course to all.

Tony Wilson (Wessex Catering)

The combined 10 Day Refrigeration & Air Conditioning + 5 Day 17th Edition wiring regulations course was very enjoyable throughout, the teaching method made the course content easy to understand, help was always at hand when needed. All in all a very good course and I will recommend it to others.

Michael Robinson (ARMY)

Dave was my tutor and would advise anyone to choose HAL if possible

Richard Mellor ( Innserve)

The tutor Dave was excellent!!

Jonathan Gledhill (Innserve)

This course is intense but if you want it it's well worth putting in the effort!!. The instructors are great and help you to pass the course by putting information into simple terms.

Daniel Page (Army)

Really enjoyed the course, acheived my aims, and hope to continue in the industry

Thomas Houghton (ARMY)

The instructor was very good and explained fault finding in ways we could all understand, thank you very much

Nigel Hollingworth (Reme)

Outstanding training by outstanding instructors who take a personal interest in everyone on the course.

Andrew Mc Nicol (Army)

A lot to learn in the 2 weeks but very well explained by the instructor and in a way that was easy to understand, I would recommend the 3 week course for anyone going into the industry, overall a very enjoyable and well structured course.

Paul Dobson (Navy)

The overall method of instruction was excellent, the only problem was myself, if I had prepared better before the course I would have found the course less challenging, all said I believe that the instruction and the course content will assist me in finding employment when I retire from the armed forces

Duncan Roy (Army)

Very enthusiastic and knowledgeable instructor, very good facilities to put into practice the theory side of the course.

David Yeates (Royal Air Force)

Having never worked with Refrigeration and Air Conditioning before i was unsure of what to expect, initially the first 3 days were extreamly theory intensive which i found a struggle, however the remainder of the 10 days endorsed the theory with hands on practical tuition. Having just completed my written and practical examinations i now feel confident that i would be able to start work in this industry with sound background knowledge behind me, the instruction was first rate,with questions being answered using written and visual aids.

Jason Kelly (Royal Navy)

Met my objectives very well plus included extra training on other process, learned more than expected, excellent tutor, made the course a pleasure to be on, very good training materials no expense spared plus good facilities and equipment.

John Horne (Army)

Learnt more than I was expecting, excellent tutor, couldn't wish for better no expense spared, many thanks to the tutor for making this course seem easy.

Andy Smith (Rotherham Sand and Gravel)

I really enjoyed the (10 day) Refrigeration and Air Conditioning course I completed at H.A.L Training, the instructor and all the staff are very friendly and helpful. I found it a lot to take in and struggled slightly at times but the instructor found the time to give me extra one on one aid which helped me greatly. I fully recommend any training course with H.A.L and hope to return to do the extra 5 day course in the near future.

Lien Lavell

Would of liked more time hands on with interchanging parts, but otherwise the course was planned and instructed very well.

Craig Stokes Army

Great course, well delivered and instructed by David Stone, would recommend highly, thoroughly enjoyed the course and I feel prepared to move on into a new career in the air conditioning industry.

Joshua Scanlon

10 Days isn't enough time to go into any real depth of refrigeration, but is an excellent starting point to learn the basics

Ben Spicer Royal Navy

15 Day Refrigeration course including 17th Edition Wiring Regs. Good Course, very good teacher, very knowledgeable and helpful

Grant Holton Ltd

(ASME IX) Welder Qualification. Met all my objectives and went above and beyond what I expected to learn, the instructor was highly knowledgeable, more than willing to help you in progression First Rate!

Alex Hayhurst 35 Eng Regiment

15 Day Refrigeration Course + 17th Edition. The Instructor explained theories as per the book/ regulations, but translated it in to layman's terms for ease of understanding. Explained practical and demonstrated mistakes in a slow time environment, written instruction clear and concise.

Craig Eden (Army)

10 Day Refrigeration + 5 Day 17th Edition Course. I have just completed the 10 Day Refrigeration & Air -Conditioning Course, the instruction in my opinion was gauged perfectly which helped me soak the theory and practical. Having a practical background I found this course suited me in handling tools gauges and understanding systems. I would recommend to anyone to have some knowledge and experience in mechanical or hands on type work prior to starting this course, if you come from a totally non practical background I would recommend the 15 Day Course.

Stefan Szuszkiewicz RAF Halton

15 Day Refrigeration and 17th Edition Course. Good course,could not have asked for a better instructor as his knowledge was a lot of help in me passing the course and now feel confident in doing the work in the field.

P Atkinson ARMY

15 Day Refrigeration and 17th Edition Course. The 15 day course including the 17th Edition was very useful. Training was second to non, facilities are good with lunch included. Instructors are very experienced and give professional training throughout. I thoroughly recommend HAL Training for their training courses.

B O'Mahony LET Royal Navy

15 Day Refrigeration and 17th Edition Course. Excellent practical training above and beyond what was required.

SGT W Ball Aircraft Technician

15 Day Refrigeration and 17th Edition Course. I learnt more in the short time i was on this course, than i did in two years at my local college, i would recommend HAL to anyone.

Mr A P of Manchester

There was a lot of information to learn in a short time, full credit goes to the tutor (Dave) as he was extremely helpful and understanding of our individual needs

Mr C N of Manchester

The course has provided me with the confidence to carry out installations and servicing. The outstanding feature was Stuart; he has a very good delivery method and was always open to questions. It was a good course, pitched at the right level.

Mr. D.B.
Malaga, Spain

The course was very well detailed with good tuition from Stuart. I would recommend the course without a doubt to anyone who is looking to enter the industry or better their skills.

Mr. P.M.

It was a very good course which has helped me in my career as an engineer, the out standing feature was the tutor.

Mr. R. F.

I enjoyed the course it was very relaxed and not to much like school, I was able to learn at my own pace. It was a pleasure to meet the instructor and learn from him, I have taken a lot from the course and from Stuart.

Mr T. D.

Extremely worthwhile, I have been taught how to recover and refill units and the low number in the class meant a lot of one to one tuition, a very good course.

Mr A. M.

The information was put to me in a very clear manner and is of great use to me in my job. I found the course very interesting and informative.

Mr. T.R.

I found the course to be a good concise course instructed to high level, the out standing feature was the practical instruction, and I gained qualifications.

Mr. P.L

The course was very worthwhile, good ground knowledge has been given to me. The instructor was very good, patient and informative.

Mr. D.D.

The course was very useful to me, it has given me the confidence to go out in the field and work on units. Obviously there is no substitute for experience but I feel I have been given the tools to get out in the field.

Mr. N. J.