Pipework and Brazing Courses

Pipework and brazing courses are perfect for those who have sufficient knowledge of refrigeration systems and recovery equipment, instruments, tools and components. The course is designed to meet the training requirements of City & Guilds and BESA. If you are thinking of taking the BESA Safe Handling of Refrigerants Course but have no brazing experience, you will need to pass the Pipework and Brazing course first. We offer a 2 day city and guilds pipework and brazing course, commercial and industrial and BESA course and a 1 day pipework and brazing commercial and industrial course.

What Do the Courses Include?

These particular courses include a lot of content. First, an introduction to the course is given, course notes are issued out, course objectives and requirements of the Environment Protection Act are explained. A test is then taken to establish how much you already know and understand in the subject. You will then learn about the safe lighting up and shutting down of a brazing torch and the setting up of oxygen free nitrogen purging equipment, including pressure and flow control. These are just a few tasks that will be carried out on the course.

What Are The Main Objectives of the Training Programme?

The Pipework and Brazing courses have four main objectives. These are to understand the requirements of the E.P.A in regard to the construction repair of refrigeration pipe work and the high pressure implications of new refrigerants; to show that you have the ability to purge, swage and braze several joints in copper tube up to 7/8" diameter (industrial or commercial, depending on which course you are taking); to examine each joint make sure that they are clean and that penetration can be achieved; and to ensure that you are well practised in using special tools and equipment used to install or repair copper pipe work.

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