Refrigeration Courses

Refrigeration courses are something that we offer at H.A.L. Training. Our refrigeration courses are available in various durations and covering to main aspects; BESA Safe Handling of Refrigerants Training & Assessment and City & Guilds Safe Handling of Refrigerants Training & Assessment. An excellent option if you are looking to get into the promising field of refrigeration, our training schemes are sure to give you the head start you need.

What is Included in the Course?

Both our Refrigeration courses are of a high standard, sure to give you everything you need to start or improve your career in refrigeration. There are many subjects included in both courses, educating you on everything you need to know. Available in different durations, from 5 days, 2 days and 1 day, you can choose which would be best for you to fit into your schedule.

All our related courses cover basic thermodynamics and indirect leakage checking principles; environmental impact of refrigerants and corresponding environmental regulations; records and commissioning data requirements; check for leakages; handling, storage transportation and disposal; compressor function and leakage risks; condenser function and leakage risks; evaporator function and leakage risks; thermostatic expansion valve and capillary tube restrictor function and leakage risks; HCFC refrigerants and Montreal Protocol; and hazards.

What Is The Difference Between a BESA and a City & Guilds Course?

Both courses include the same amount of education on the same subjects. The difference is in the assessments and the end qualification. The City & Guilds Safe Handling of Refrigerants Training & Assessment course includes a City & Guilds 2079 Assessment made up of 40 questions. It is an online assessment which must be completed within 1 hour and 30 minutes. The course results in successful candidates being awarded a City & Guilds Certification.

The BESA courses are designed for qualified people responsible for the installation, servicing and maintenance of refrigeration systems. BESA Course is an open book exam lasting 1hr 30 mins, once completed you receive a industry card which is refcomm approved. We also do 1 and 2 day FGAS renewals. A practical examination also needs to be carried out. At the end of the course, successful candidates will receive a Certification, Registration and a 'Green' Safe Handlers Card.

All our training courses are approved by the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Industry Board (ACRIB), with candidates having the option to contact ACRIB for a 'Safe Handlers' card upon completion of the course. For more information, contact us today on 01302 349724.

10 & 15 Day Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Course

5 Day City & Guilds Safe Handling of Refrigerants Training & Assessment

2 Days Safe Handling Of Ammonia Assessment Course

2 Day City & Guilds Safe Handling of Refrigerants Training & Assessment

1 Day City & Guilds Safe Handling of Refrigerants Training & Assessment